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July 6, 2011 – Beyond Good and Evil

Dear Diary,

So today I start my “Daily Scribbles” which will be an attempt at near-daily blogging.  Mostly I’ll just ramble on about whatever games I’m playing or that jerk that teabagged me and pissed me off while playing MAG the night before.  Today though I want to talk about “old” games.

I downloaded Beyond Good and Evil HD, a remake of the PS2 game that I never played.  I’m really enjoying the game, but am reminded of those early games I played on the Dreamcast.  So often people talk about how gaming was so much better on the earlier consoles, and I’ve always somewhat disagreed.  I tend to play new games instead of older games.  I played old games back when they were new, and frankly I don’t tend to wear the rose colored glasses of glamorizing them in any way.  There were some great games, but there were also a lot of really bad games.  Today I’m reminded that even the great games had their shortcomings.

I’m at a boss battle and unfortunately have almost no health.  In today’s games they tend to respawn you with full health and generally if health is an issue in a boss battle, you’ll even respawn next to a handy merchant who will sell you what you might need for the battle.   Not so with many earlier games.  Most relied on loading earlier save game files… and managing those files was often an intrinsic part of playing the game if you wanted to avoid repeating several hours of gameplay.  I unfortunately forgot this rule of retro gaming and will likely have to go back, way back,  and load an earlier game save near a merchant so I can play the game for several hours to get back to the point I’m currently at.  With retro games, this actually tended to add gameplay to games that didn’t have the content and length that the newer technology allows for – but dammit, nowadays it’s just not as much fun.

Another aspect of older games I had forgotten was the awful camera work.  In this particular boss battle there is a circular platform I have to run around to avoid the projectile weapon of the boss… but whenever I start running, the camera goes wonky and not only can I not see the boss, I often can’t even see where I am going and end up running face first into a wall.  I remember many games where the bad camera work in the game was often more of a challenge than the actual boss battle, but it’s given me a renewed appreciation for today’s games where the camera is rarely an issue.

The game is great… but non-skippable cut scenes (especially when re-doing a section),  having to get to specific save points to quit the game, more careful inventory management, and bad camera work all remind me of many of the changes in gaming that are for the better – though maybe I’ve just become lazy in my old age! 🙂

  1. January 7, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    I had this game back in the day, I LOVED it. It is def. a very different type of game. conspiracy galore! I hope you enjoy it!

  2. July 6, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    Hehe, nothing wrong with a little planning ahead. I wouldn’t say much has changed in terms of camera control though. Sure there are titles that handle it magnificently but a lot of games nowadays don’t know top from bottom.

    Hope you perservere with this one though as it’s a truly wonderful game.

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