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August 11, 2011: “girl gamers” is a dead term – finally!

August 11, 2011 3 comments

I’m going to write this here, in my little corner of the internet where it will likely pass by unnoticed.  I recently wrote a blog on Destructoid about the weekly topic of “esports” where I wrote a half assed blog about how I don’t consider gaming to be a “sport” but think that competitive video gaming is it’s own thing… part sport, part art, part game – something totally unique and it should be celebrated as such and not try to be something it isn’t.  Due to the time constraints of hitting the deadline on the weekly topic, I didn’t really fill out my thoughts well, and it wasn’t a very good blog… but nonetheless it got promoted to the front page of the Destructoid website as the weekly topic blogs often are.

Well… a shitstorm hit and the blog garnered over 200 hateful comments in addition to being picked up and discussed on other sites.  I was called a lot of awful names (including my personal favorite of  “mentally crippled”).  In addition to the insults,  people called for me to be fired (I’m just a community member and was never “hired”); that I knew nothing about the topic (which is the point of being given a weekly topic and just writing our thoughts about it); and that I was a shitty journalist (I’m a blogger… not a journalist) among other things.

In amongst all the vitriol I did notice one thing though… there were few, if any, “go back to the kitchen” or “girls don’t know gaming” comments.  In fact I don’t recall seeing any sexist comments.  People did mention “she” so they were aware of my gender, but overall I was treated the same as any other gamer would be treated.

While this situation is just the usual internet shitstorm that will quickly fade away, I did learn a few good lessons about blogging…. but more importantly I think I can officially say that the whole “girl gamer” thing is offically dead for me.  As a female who games, we have finally achieved equality with male gamers and are finally being treated no differently.  I have found this to be true in online gaming for quite some time now, and it appears that even in gaming communities we are no longer being subject to the whole “it’s a girl” thing.   I think we can drop the “girl” in gamer and just be gamers now.

… and I don’t have to make anyone a sammich! 🙂


I love/hate being a girl gamer

I really dislike the term “Girl Gamer” though mostly because I’m 49 and it’s been a long, long time since I was called a “girl”. I’m a gamer and I happen to be female. I don’t feel that I should have to hide the fact that I’m female because this is who I am, just as being older, being married and loving FPS online games is part of who I am.

Ironically, I never knew that being a female gamer was unusual until I started playing online and joining gaming communities. Prior to that, I just assumed that people gamed — all kinds of people. I had no preconceptions or stereotypes of who gamers were. I hope that one day we get back to that idea, though, not because of ignorance, but rather because it’s simple reality.
Read more…

Undies and a Knife

June 16, 2011 Leave a comment

That’s right, undies and a knife! Why should that guy that has played FPS games forever and seems to have the time to play 24/7 be running around with better gear, better guns, better grenades and have the ability to call in dog attacks as a “special” bonus for killing me ten times without dying so he can laugh his ass off while I become dog meat once again? He should be running around in undies and a knife to kill n00bs.

I mean isn’t this guy GOOD? If he’s so damn good, why doesn’t he want a challenge. As people progress up the ranks, as they get to know the maps and strategies, they should get less stuff. Make them choose a gun to throw away and armour to dump. And the very best 1% in the game, those guys or gals at the very top of the leaderboards — yeah, they’re the one’s running around in undies and a knife! If they start dropping down in the leaderboards again, give them back some stuff, maybe a gun or some light armor. I hope they feel bad about it too. I mean wouldn’t you want to be that awesome avatar in the undies with a knife, right? Read more…

Go make me a sandwich!

June 16, 2011 Leave a comment

When guys hear a female voice in an online game, the phrase “go make me a sandwich” is often thrown out as a joking insult.  We ladies are apparently supposed to be pregnant and in the kitchen cooking and cleaning and basically tending to the needs of our big ole strong menfolk.  Thankfully those days are actually long gone and most women nowadays have the same opportunities as men to get educated, get a job, earn an income, be independent, and be equal partners in a marriage. But when I hear that phrase, in all honesty… I get the urge to go make you a sandwich. Read more…

Girls with Guns

June 15, 2011 Leave a comment

A few years ago we saw online playable female avatars for R6Vegas, Mercenaries 2, UT3… even GTA4 had  online female characters,  Then, Battlefield – no women, the SOCOM franchise took a giant step backwards with Confrontation and neglected to include a female avatar, and  Resistance 2 and MGO launched with no female avatars, followed up by Killzone 2 and a decided lack of big Helgan women.  For awhile it seemed that online female avatars were “almost” becoming normal and accepted… then wham! – the ability to be a one-woman wrecking machine with a gun disappeared.  It seems that the devs are taking a step backward instead of forward.  Resistance 2 and MGO have rectified this oversight with DLC that  included female avatars, but why were they not included in the original game launch? Also, why are upcoming games deciding not to include female avatars?

Top 5 reasons I’ve heard for the lack of female avatars in shooter games: Read more…

Till Death Do Us Part…

June 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Till death do us part…until respawn!

I often see blogs or comments where gamers wished that their significant other was also a gamer, but be careful what you wish for!  My husband wasn’t a gamer but he liked that I was one.  He could watch sports without me whining, and could go out to play foosball on Friday nights  or hockey on other nights with his buddies.  He even bought me a launch PS3 so he could continue his hobbies and activities with no guilt… because he knew I would be happily gaming. Read more…

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